St JohnCollege Oxford - New Organ by Bernard Aubertin. 
TheManufacture d'orgues of Courtefontaine was founded by  BernardAUBERTIN  in Courtefontaine, a tiny village in the frenchdepartment of Jura, halfway between Dole and Besançon in the FrancheComté.

Part of the building was erected in 1137by Augustinian monks. Later on it was enlarged at the end of 18th andagain at the beginning of the 19th century to house large numbers ofstudents of a boarding school. After having carried out the most urgentrepairs to the monastic buildings which had been deserted for 3O years,Bernard AUBERTIN and the organ works made themselves at home inFebruary 1978.

 St JohnCollege Oxford - New Organ by Bernard Aubertin.

Bernard AUBERTIN builds onlymechanical action organs which are geometrically proportioned andcraftsman-made from the best materials. The entire instrument ismanufactured within the workshops, including the metal pipes made fromhammered tin or lead alloy. Since the first organ which was built in1979, the business has expanded to the point where there are now 12-14employees, including specialist pipe-makers, cabinet-makers andapprentices. All the voicing of the pipes is carried out personally byBernard Aubertin himself. We recommend ourselves for creation of neworgans and the restorations of old. Our workmen use traditionalmethods. All instruments are made out of solid wood with hand-carvedpipe-shades and profiles. Our reputation is based solely upon thequality and musicality of our organs.

Bernard AUBERTINs distinctions:
1994 Grand Prix Crédit du Nord for therestoration of the Priory
1995 Maître d'Art (as livingjapanese Treasure)     live longtitle given by  the french Culture Minister
2005Médaille de Vermeil de la ville de PARIS
2006 Doctor HonorisCausa University ABERDEEN Scotland
2007 Chevalier de laLégion d'Honneur


Construction of new organs in France, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Portugal and Japan.

  • Restoration of old organ listed Monuments Historiques or not.
  • Maintenance of organs of all kinds.


    ARRALBE (57) new organ II/P 37 stops - VIRY-CHATILLON (91) new organ II/P 20 stops - VICHY (03) new organ III/P 47 stops - SHIRANE-CHO (JAPAN) new organ III/P 48 stops - TOKYO University new organ III/P 20 stops - LYON (69) St Vincent new organ with R. Freytag II/P 33 stops - BRUCKEN ALLEMAGNE new organ I/P 11 stops - SAESSOLSHEIM (67) new organ II/P 30 stops - VERTUS (51) new organ III/P 25 stops - BITCHE (57) new organ III/P 40 stops - SAINT LOUP (79) new organ II/P 20 stops - THANN (68) reconstruction of organ IV/P 55 stops - ORLÉANS (45) new organ III/P 41 stops - ABERDEEN (SCOTLAND, photo right side)  University III/P new organ 28 stops - PARIS (75) SAINT-LOUIS-EN-L'ÎLE, new organ III/P 51 stops - NEUILLY (92) Église Saint Jacques new organ III/P 30 stops - OXFORD (GB) new organ III/P 33 stops St John's College - MARIAGER DANEMARK new organ III/P 46 stops - CLARVAUX-LES-LACS jura new organ II/P 19 stops - TOKYO Kamata new organ II/P 14 stops - GENEVE Suisse new organ II/P 19 stops.

    More than one hundred discs were recorded to date on our new and restored organ; 20 CD on the whole recorded on the organ of Saint Louis en l'Ile in PARIS at the end of 2008.

     Orgue of Aberdeen.

    Currently in progress.

    • New organ III/P  for Germany.
    • New organ III/P for England
    • Several revisions, inter alia, in the Alsace-Moselle.

    Restored Monuments Historiques organs

    PONTARLIER (25)1750 / 1844 / reconst.1982 - WESTCAPPEL (59) VAN BELLE 1683 / reconst.1983 - ARBOIS (39) CAROUGE 1728 / reconstr. 1984 - ORGELET (39) 1630 / 1724 / rest.1987 - SAINT MARTIN DE BOSCHERVILLE (76) William LESLIE III/P 1627/1735/1994 - SEURRE (21) TRIBUOT 1699 / reconstr.1991 - SAINT ANTOINE L'ABBAYE (38) unknown 1630 / SCHERRER 1750 / new organ in old case 1992.


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